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Water is essential for sustainable development, and the crisis of its scarcity and pollution poses a significant challenge to the sustainability of the environment, ecosystems, society, the economy and human health.

Sustainable solutions to this crisis seek to improve the availability and quality of water, promoting its responsible use, reuse and considerable reduction in overextraction, thus achieving its conservation in the different ecosystems, and present and future protection of this resource that sustains the life.

Inspired by nature, on nature and by the circular economy – at barkaima (sustainability in Hebrew) we address the growing challenge of water scarcity, through innovative technologies that drive and enhance natural biological and chemical regenerative processes to transform waste water into high-value resources in a 100% sustainable way, thus promoting the transition from a linear economy, which “use and throw away”, to a circular one that promotes its “use and reuse”, promoting and enabling the use of alternative and marginal water and the use of its nutrients, thus moving from an extraction approach to one of regeneration.

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The solutions of Barkaima significantly increase the efficiency of water management and its maintenance, optimizing performance and productivity in the treatment, remediation, purification and recovery processes of water and fluids in process, also enabling the purification and use of marginal water sources such as saline water for a variety of non-potable applications, including industrial processes, agriculture and irrigation, groundwater replenishment and environmental restoration.

and the recovery of its nutrients, and thus contributing to a positive impact on sustainable environmental, social and economic development.


Saline and soils water treatment and salt high concentration of calcium carbonate ions in fluids


Wastewater treatment and water and soil restoration through beneficial bacteria


Treatment, disinfection and enrichment of water and soil with Nanobubbles and dissolved Oxygen

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Aerial View of Orchard
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