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In an era of drastic climate changes, depleting natural resources, constant growing global demand, and a struggle to keep up with quality, regulations and budget restraints, the need for smarter decision-making tools is growing.

New and advanced digital technologies, and solutions are being developed constantly and can guide as in smart metering, monitoring and management. However, the ever-growing variety makes it difficult to choose and integrate the optimal solution.

This is what Barkaima is for:


With our deep understanding of the varied technologies available, combined with extensive hands-on experience and a commitment for quality and sustainability – we can offer a solution that is tailored for you.

Taking into consideration your specific needs and constrains, we can work together to support your project goals and growth.

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Digital and IoT technologies offer us real time data and monitoring which can support and optimize decision-making and actions. Making the right decisions and translating them to appropriate actions can increase water and resources productivity and conservation, promote quality and quantity, optimize efficiency and profitability and support sustainability.

Data agriculture



With Precision Agriculture we can precisely apply only when and where is needed. By collecting real time and spatial data to support management decisions, farmers can maximize profitability, yield, quality, resources productivity and sustainability.

Remote Water Network Management

Improve your water network efficiency by collecting real time remotely data, monitor and analyze the water system consumption and performance.

Environmental impact assessments by remote sensing and monitoring


Remotely monitoring and collecting real time data allows 1) Understanding of current situation (pollution, contaminants, usage level, etc.) 2) Taking smart decisions and actions 3) Monitoring the progress 4) Constantly improving.

Aerial View of Orchard
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